Pitt & ACC Pride On The Line vs Tennessee This Saturday

1983 Pitt 13 Tennessee 3

In the long run, the game this Saturday between Pitt and Tennessee isn’t very meaningful. It might help clarify a few questions about both teams but neither team’s season will be destroyed with a loss or saved with a win.

Mostly, its a game about bragging rights. For Pitt, its about maintaining relevance and pride in the ACC. Its also about ending a long losing streak against non-conference P5 opponents on the road. Pitt hasn’t won a road game vs a P5 opponent since November 1, 2008. Almost 13 years ago and 10 straight losses since. That day, Pitt beat Notre Dame at South Bend, IN 36-33 in 4 OTs. A record for the longest game ever at Notre Dame.

Since then, Pitt has lost the following road games against current non-conference P5 opponents (excluding neutral site bowl games):