Coach Capel Hot on Recruiting Trail

Jeff Capel at the ACC Press Conference

After bringing in a phenomenal 2020 recruiting class to The University of Pittsburgh, Jeff Capel is hot on the 2021 recruiting trail.

Coach Capel is again going after some of the finest talent in America for the 2021 Pitt Recruting Class. The time that we are living in, with Covid-19, isn’t making it easier for Capel to recruit. Virtual visits and Zoom conferences are the norm. That means he isn’t getting that face-to-face time that he would normally have. Coach Capel is an incredible communicator. He’s fantastic at building relationships with the players he’s recruiting. Especially early on when these kids are identified . I mean who couldn’t listen to Coach Capel talk Basketball all day?
I’m really excited at the types of players Capel is recruiting. Elite talent? Absolutely. Elite character? Absolutely. These classes are the foundation for the type of program Capel wants to build.
Here are the offers Coach Capel and The University of Pittsburgh Panthers have made for 2021.
4-Star PG Jalen Warley 6’5/175 (Philadelphia PA)
5-Star SG Trevor Keels 6’5/210 (Fairfax VA)
4-Star SG Malaki Branham 6’5/180 (Akron OH)
3-Star SG Jordan Riley 6’4/185 (Brentwood NY)
2-Star SG Brandon Weston 6’6/205 (Brooklyn NY)
2-Star SG Aminu Mohammed 6’6/195 (Nigeria)
2-Star SG Jordan Hawkins 6’4/165 (Maryland)
4-Star SF Quincy Allen 6’6/180 (Washington DC)
2-Star SF David Jones 6’6/182 (Dominican Rep)
2-Star PF Gabe Wiznitzer 6’11/240 (Walhalla SC)
2-Star PF Moussa Diabate 6’10/190 (France)
4-Star C Franck Kepnang 6’10/200 (Westtown PA)
2-Star C Micawber Etienne 6’10/230 (Miltown NY)
2-Star C Bretner Mutumbo 6’11/215 (Congo)

That is elite level talent Pitt is going after. Plus Coach Capel has 4-Star PG Jalen Hood-Schifino already signed for 2022 Class.

Things are really heating up for Coach Capel and Pitt Men’s Basketball on the recruiting trail. Let’s hope they can catch fire.