Big Whiff For Coach Capel

Jeff Capel at the ACC Press Conference

With Trey Murphy III taking his talents to Virginia, Pitt is putting all of their eggs in the Will Jeffress basket.

I’ve mentioned many times that Coach Capel said he was going to recruit the top talent to come to Pitt. He has, but the top talent isn’t coming. Murphy III makes Capel 0-7 this summer. Failing to get any of the transfers Pitt was interested in. Add the loss of a key starter, a perimeter shooting threat, and it’s not been the best summer.

I can’t blame Murphy III for going to Virgina. That’s a great program. A winning program. Something Pitt isn’t. As a matter of fact Pitt hasn’t had a winning season since 2015-2016. Name the last NBA draft pick Pitt has had? I’ll spare you. It was Lamar Patterson in 2014.