Week One ACC Power Rankings

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Week 1 is in the books, you know what it’s time for? That’s right, power rankings based on overreactions to only 60 minutes of football! As with last week and in all future weeks, these rankings will sort the teams into tiers. Though there is still a 1-14 ranking, I basically see teams within one tier as being generally interchangeable. Now, onto the rankings!

Tier A: Yep, It’s Just Clemson Again

1. Clemson (1-0, LW: 1)

You didn’t really think I’d put any other team here did you? Heck no! Georgia Tech was plastered and the first live game in the history of the ACC Network probably should’ve required children under 17 to watch this game with an adult. It wasn’t perfect though, as Trevor Lawrence did throw two interceptions and Georgia Tech scored a couple late 2nd half Touchdowns. However, even if it was a closer game, who are you really going to put up here with the Tigers? We’ll learn a lot more about this team when they play Texas A&M this weekend, but I still expect a Clemson blowout victory.

Tier B: Playing for 2nd Place

2. Miami (0-1, LW: 2)

They haven’t played since I did these rankings last week due to their Week Zero matchup with Florida. They get North Carolina this weekend and we should learn a lot more about both these teams. Hopefully for their sakes they spent their off week cleaning up some of the sloppiness for their season-opening loss.

3. Virginia (1-0, LW: 4)

Am I bumping up Virginia to make Pitt look better? No, if I was doing that I’d have put them ahead of Miami. Besides, the Cavaliers were able to knock off a conference opponent on the road by two scores despite their star Quarterback being kept relatively in check by the opposing defense. I’m not quite ready to declare them favorites to win the Coastal, but for now they move up a slot.

4. Syracuse (1-0, LW: 3)

Took care of business against Liberty in a 24-0 win. The defense played outstanding, forcing 4 turnovers and shutting out their overmatched opposition. However, the Orange offense left a lot to be desired. Highly touted quarterback Tommy DeVito didn’t exactly have a great game. He threw