Kradel is Willing to Wait to Make Decision

Butler lineman Jake Kradel is one of the most sought after  2018 players in the WPIAL. The 3 star recruit currently holds 25 offers from schools across the country and that number continues to rise. In the midst of such an exciting recruiting process which Kradel called “a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he was eager to make his commitment and announced that June 10th would be his decision day. But as that day nears closer while he continues to reel in offers, Kradel has decided to postpone his decision to a later date.

“I kind of made a mistake. Now that I think about it, I’m probably not going to commit June 10th. It’s probably going to be later,” Kradel said. “I was kind of dumb for setting a timeline for myself and pressuring myself and the more I talk to my family and everything we are just like whenever I feel 100 percent comfortable and 100 percent like it’s the right choice then that’s when it will be.”

Pushing back his commitment will give all the coaches recruiting him more time to sell the 6 foot 4 inch, 285 pound recruit on their school. On May 4th, Kradel released a list of his top seven schools which consisted of Pitt, Ohio State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, UCLA, Maryland, and Rutgers. However, that did not stop several schools from offering later as Wisconsin and Iowa have just offered Kradel this past week and he says they rank near the top of his list. He gave a rundown of what attracts him to each school:

Ohio State: “I just really loved their culture and everything. All of those coaches are talking about getting you to the next level and even after football, setting you up for the future and your jobs and internships. Their internship program is awesome so I really like that.”

Pitt: “Just hometown. Coach Narduzzi is doing a great job turning that program around. It was always good but it’s just good to see them actually winning and everything, so i have a lot of faith in them.”

West Virginia: “West Virginia is kind of just close to home and I really like what their offense is all about. Just a lot of snaps and they put up a lot of points and I see myself fitting in down there as well.”

Maryland: “I just love their campus and their coaches. Coach Bowen, their offensive line coach, he’s a technician, he really works the technique and that could excel me for the future and everything and help me be in a better spot.”

Rutgers: “I just have a good relationship with their offensive line coach, Coach Blazek, he’s just a good dude and everything. And I really like it out there in New Jersey. And also Coach Ash he’s changing the program around from a 2-10 season to this year I’m guessing closer to .500 and everything so they’re gonna be good in the future.”

UCLA: “I really like their Western PA ties. Coach Bradley he’s from around here and he’s d-coordinator out there then their offensive line coach he’s actually from around here too so it’s kind of nice to have Western PA ties out there. And it’s just a good top-notch education out there so they are real known for that and good football.”

Virginia Tech: “I just really like it down there and the culture they have and the winning tradition they have is just crazy and the atmosphere seems to be all about Virginia Tech football so I really like that. And the coaches, they’re just really good dudes so it’s pretty nice down there.”

Wisconsin: “That’s just o-line heaven right there. They produce linemen so I can’t complain about that.”

Iowa: “I love their offensive scheme with the run heavy and zone blocking.”

Of those schools, some are recruiting Kradel as an offensive lineman while others see him as a defensive lineman. Some are recruiting him as both.

“Pitt is kind of in-between. It’s kind of like, ‘if you commit, you kind of get to pick.’ I think Coach Narduzzi likes me at d-tackle but I talk more with Coach Peterson, the offensive line coach, so I’m kind of confused there,” Kradel said. “I think at the end of the day with Pittsburgh I’ll be a defensive tackle. Then Wisconsin is also defensive tackle so those are two schools on the defensive side of the ball and the rest are all offensive.”

Kradel says that the position