Offensive Line, LB & Secondary Concerns for Pitt

Pitt West Virginia 2022

After 2 games in 2022, its quite clear Pitt’s returning starters on the OL haven’t performed as expected. With all that experience returning, it still has resulted in 2 QBs being under assault and causing massive disruption in the passing game.

The LBers have produced mixed results so far. Sloppy missed assignments plauged game 1 vs West Virginia. Improved run stopping in Game 2 vs Tennessee although pass coverage was suspect at times.

Then there’s the secondary. Its quite a mess. Guys slipping and falling down. Poor ball awareness. Flat out mismatches are killing the DBs. Part of this though is a result of a one on one coverage scheme by coach Pat Narduzzi.

To solve these problems, DreamBackfield recommends moving some players around.

Ryan Jacoby has proven to be every bit as good as advertised from Ohio St. He needs to play. Move him to Right Guard, shift Kradel to center and replace the right tackle with Branson Taylor.