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16In16: #12 – Quadree Henderson

Was there a player on the entire PITT roster who took a bigger step forward than Quadree Henderson this season?  In my opinion, I don’t think so.  We saw glimpses of what Henderson could do for this team as the 2015 season went on and saw him burst onto the scene in the Military Bowl […] READ MORE


16In16: #13 – “O, Canada”

  Our #13 moment of 2016 goes to Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada.  When Day 1 of the Matt Canada era began, it was safe to say many PITT fans did not know what direction the offense was going to go after Jim Chaney left after one year. And I say the Matt Canada era because […] READ MORE


16In16: #14 – PITT Script

The #14 moment goes with the #15 moment as it was the return of the true PITT identity.  The block PITT was never the identity that fans and you could probably say the university never truly got behind.  And when AD Scott Barnes, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and the Athletic Department announced last season that PITT […] READ MORE


16In16: #15 – PITT Retro

  The #15 moment during the 2016 season is a pretty obvious choice and I’m surprised I don’t have it higher, but it has to be the return of the “PITT Retro”Colors for the homecoming game.  Everyone was wondering how PITT would build off the momentum of a very good first year under Head Coach […] READ MORE


16In16: #16 – All Offense, Little Defense

(Video Courtesy of ACC Digital Network) As we are 2 weeks away from the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City, I am going to pick the Top 16 games or moments from the 2016 football season. The #16 game was the “All Offense, Little Defense” day against Syracuse to close out the regular season.  And […] READ MORE


Pinstripe Bowl Should Be James Conner’s Party

Here are a few words and phrases you can use to describe PITT Running Back James Conner: Hardworking, Courageous, Never Give Up Attitude, The Will To Win and I could go on, but the point is made. When Conner announced that he would declare for the 2017 NFL Draft after the bowl game on December […] READ MORE